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 Guns of Icarus

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PostSubject: Guns of Icarus   Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:45 pm

It's a game I got. The basic idea is steampunk airships fight. But that's cool cause steampunk airships are awesome. So anyway, the world got destroyed because of the great war, which is what WWI was called before WWII happened. (Good job, Serbia and Austria-Hungary. You ruined the world.) Anyway, right now it's mostly a fighting game, where you wait in lobbies to fight matches, but they have plans to make it an adventure game with player factions surviving in the wild. Even with just the skirmishes, it's awesome. You should check it out.

fr0stbyte124 wrote:
You know, I was thinking we should have a 3D crafting grid for complex recipes, but Kielaran is right: why have three dimensions when you can have six? Truly I don't know how we ever got by with a measly two.

Mackeroth? wrote:
Now, if Fr0stbyte wrote that, someone would make a sig, guaranteed. So what are you going to do now?
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Guns of Icarus
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