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 Mass drivers/MAC cannons

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PostSubject: Re: Mass drivers/MAC cannons   Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:03 pm

fr0stbyte124 wrote:
scout37 wrote:
We'll find out how well this stuff works in reality when i start gertting my hands on some government grants for the airforce weapons projects. Im thinking something that uses a the energy of the sun through an intense series of mrrors positioned at the perfect angle to magnify the intensity of the heat and light so that they can melt straight bthrough the hull of a Navy Cruiser. It will be a large device, but if it works it will revelutionise the expendibility of weaponry and ammunition. Only problem is that it wont work at night or on a rainy day, unlss i develope a merthod of storing sunlight through a constant loop of 100% reflectivity or industrially transport massivequantities of stored energy via satelite which tthen sends down a beam of highly volotile microparticles that act as microconductors when a stream of energy is launched through them creating an magnetic pulse as it electrifies anything within its radius.

If any of these work ,you will see them on the local new in the future when a privately owned aerospace corporation backed by the UN invades SOmalia and restores the government for the first time in decades.

wow i didn't understand any of that but it sounds really hard. anyway, keep up the good work!

You're pumping out sigs like no tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass drivers/MAC cannons   Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:50 pm

fr0stbyte124 wrote:
Being a computer scientist, I have no idea why I was required to take it at all. There's always the cop-out excuse that it teaches you problem-solving skills, but it really doesn't. We learn problem-solving skills by writing algorithms and debugging code. Spent two semesters learning how to solve an assortment of very specific, equally hypothetical and impractical scenarios that were provably (thanks to our mandatory labs) incapable of describing reality to any satisfactory degree. Such a waste of time and money. Might be different for you, Avenger, but there was no point to most of us taking those intro courses.

My friends in CompSci feel the same way you do; it turns out that physics and coding have almost nothing in common (in other words, I agree). I just find the more advanced concepts of quantum mechanics and special relativity to be rather interesting.. As well as anything that seems like a cool way to blow something up. Or furbies strapped to rockets. My PHYS 111 prof was awesome...

Anyways, it's important to me because I'm a physics major. And yes, the labs are just as bad in second year as they are in first.
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Mass drivers/MAC cannons
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