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 Heavy Weapons`

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PostSubject: Heavy Weapons`   Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:48 am

Thinking about surface-air or air-air weapons;

What would be the best way to do SA systems?

1) Each gun is manually fired, manually loaded, and manually built.
Advantages: Easy targeting, easy build
Disadvantages: Needs 1 player per gun

2) Each gun is linked to a Fire Control (FireCon) system that designates targets and fired the guns automatically.
Advantages: Needs only 1 player (on/off function)
Disadvantages: Much harder to code

3) There are no AA weapons, only hand-held things like missiles, railguns, etc.
Advantages: Easy to code.
Disadvantages: need a lot of players for effective fire.

On the subject of missiles:

My ideas, just ramblings.

1 - Each fighter carries up to 6 missiles for Anti-Fighter/Anti-Ship

2 - Larger ships use them as Ship-Ship weapons

3 - Handheld missiles don't "Target lock" and must be fired Mark 1 eyeball.
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Heavy Weapons`
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