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 Texture Artist

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PostSubject: Texture Artist   Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:23 am

Username: MaggotKing
Timezone: Central (central US and Canada)
PNG editing experience: I know how to use gimp fairly well. I cant get enough out of it for minecraft textures.
Minecraft texturing experience: I have some, I could do fairly well with x16 and can cope with some 32x. I textured for a Runescape mod, but I don't believe it has been released. I love to texture Minecraft! Its fun to make remixes, and tweak stuff to my liking.

Other: This mod looks amazing! If its finished it will be the biggest minecraft mod EVER! I rally want to be a part of this!

*NOTE: I edited the application to the texturer equivalent (in my belief) since their was no application for it. And I believe this is in the right section to because for a mod, you need texture artists.
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Texture Artist
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