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 My Ideas for FutureCraft

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PostSubject: My Ideas for FutureCraft   Mon Nov 07, 2011 4:37 pm

Alrighty, well here's my ideas. I've been working on this for a while now from a previous mod concept which I've decided to just push on over into my development with Future Craft.


Stock ores stay the same, Iron, Coal, Redstone, Gold, Lapid, Obsidian etc, all of them remain the same.

Add in the following ores (or equivilants)

Aluminum - nice, light metal, excellent for making alloys
Copper - another common light metal used in electronic components
Tungsten - a strong metal used in space ship construction
Titanium (?? maybe super seeded by tungsten since both are strong metals) - an alternative to tungstun
Nickel - a heavy metal used for making alloys
Uranium/Plutonium/Somekindaium - gotta have something to make into reactors or use as reactor fuel
Carbon Deposit - old plant material super compressed (I'm no scientist, just have some uses in items for carbon)


Aluminum, Copper, Tungsten, Titanium, Nickel, Uranium, and Carbon can be stored in bars (Uranium and Carbon drop as dusts and must be crafted up into usable bars)

Alloy Bars - I think these will make the game interesting, as base metals can be enhanced using allows

**need some fancy names**
Aluminum/Tungsten -
Aluminum/Titanium -
Nickel/Tungsten -
Nickel/Titanium -
Aluminum/Nickel -
Aluminum/Nickel + a Carbon Bar = Composite Alloy

Alloys and base metals should each have different blocks they can be made into for construction, but alloy blocks should have higher dmg resistances.

I feel that, that would be a good game balancer, as people would have to decide: Do I want a large ship made from base metals? or a smaller ship made of alloys/composites? People will have to make these decisions based on the availability of materials to them and can thus drive a trade economy between worlds.


Good god, I don't want to go into much detail here, I've thought of all kinds of components that can be brought together to make bigger more elaborate components and just keep building onto components. But I think the key to making this successful is to have a lot of options for base components, then allow the player to choose what he wants to make from them based on their particular needs/wants/requirements.

Anyway, thats open for discussion.

Armor and Weapons:

I think that the stock armors can be left for people who want to putt around on a planet, but alloy and composite suits should be used for space travel. Depending on how to do it, we might make it where if you're exposed to space you rapidly lose health and die. But with a (say) Composite Suit or an alloy suit, or some suit specific to space walking/exposure you're just fine and dandy, but you have a limited oxygen supply (kinda like in water, but longer, like 5 min or something). More detail is needed on how all this might work.

As for weapons, I think a good assortment of firearms and ship to ship, ship to surface, surface to air weapons will be needed, haven't really come up with a good list just yet.


Frost has these under control but we have discussed using a "modulated" space ship design. What I was thinking with that, and I feel that Frost has a good understanding, is that we should build ships not from a single "controller" block, but from modules assembled or possibly connected to one another with wiring to form a ship "sub-system" then build off/around that. I think this will make combat very dynamic especially if we're able to incorporate a way to disable or destroy a component based on damage received. That would make it possible to neutralize an opponent and even capture ships. Pirates of FutureCraft anyone?

Planetary interactions:

For the most part, I feel that the worlds are fine, some things might need to be tweaked and possibly removed, it kinda depends on how "compatible" we want this mod to be with other mods.

I think we need to incorporate a coin, something simple that can be used an a monetary exchange for trade (i.e smelt a gold bar into 10 gold coins or what have you).

I think there also needs to be a very dynamic ground combat system, think StarCraft type marines using assault armor to fight their way into an enemy base or city while star ships fight for control of the skies. Possibly build some vehicle modules similar to the space ships allowing for a mechanized ground offensive. A lot of conception could go into this.

Anyway, thats all I've got for now, at least all that I have had coherent thoughts about at least What a Face

Oh and I'm not trying to tread on anyones toes here, if works been done thats cool, these again are just my thoughts on what we can do, the possibilities are endless!
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PostSubject: Re: My Ideas for FutureCraft   Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:00 pm

As for modular ships, its planned that components will require things like energy and there will be systems to generate and transport energy(and other things if added(like hydrogen for fusion weapons)) around the ship, and they can be damaged because weapons can destroy individual blocks. The space damaging thing is planned for as far as I know as well. The alloy thing is a great idea as well.
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PostSubject: Re: My Ideas for FutureCraft   Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:48 pm

I think for energy, the best bet or at least what I could conceive of as being easiest to implement would be a furnace knock-off that uses whatever our fuel is to generate power as a specific rate then pass this power through wires or a special transfer block of some sort, thus if you want more modules that require more power you'll have to plan to have more power generators as well as have protected wiring/power transfer.

So yeah, I think we've all got the generally idea down for what we want to accomplish overall

Good time ahead!
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PostSubject: Re: My Ideas for FutureCraft   

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My Ideas for FutureCraft
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