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 Problems that may occur in Futurecraft

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PostSubject: Re: Problems that may occur in Futurecraft   Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:45 pm

Tiel+ wrote:
Fleet Admiral Error wrote:
As I understood it, the FC mod itself would be hard-coded to limit server hosts/owners/whateverthehell's powers. Sure, they can manage players, ban, do whatever, but going creative and building BFS's isn't going to work.

That's a given, yes. What we're going back and forth about at present is just how big of a role they should play by default.

To reiterate my standpoint here, I'm in favor of just making the host a regular player (outside of setting up the server) with the advantage of being the first person in their zone. They'd also be able to ban people from the space that they host and possess a fancy name.

What I think cats is proposing, and forgive me if I'm making a strawman here, is that hosts should be some kind of commander or general in charge of a faction by default, with all the bells and whistles that would accompany the post.

My problem with this is that it's bad enough that they can participate freely in game with the ability to ban people from an entire zone, but while that can be checked by the bicameral system I think we're all in agreement with, having them as a permanent figure of power would exacerbate the associated issues to the point of making the whole system untenable.

Any faction leader would have the ability to ban a player from their faction's territory, it's just that the whateverthehell would have control of the server's first/main faction. Whateverthehells wouldn't be able to ban the player in the sense that you're thinking, just control the list of players that the main faction's automated defenses and NPCs target. More like a fugitive than a blacklisted player. Only the network/sector/wetf mods would actually be able to blacklist a player from the server/zone.

Think of piracy. It's not something that a faction leader would want happening within its faction, but it keeps the game exciting. It's against the main faction's rules, but it can still happen within that server.
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Problems that may occur in Futurecraft
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