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 Equivalent Exchange

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Hierarch Fenway
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PostSubject: Re: Equivalent Exchange   Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:14 am

Bit of explanation required on my part required, as some of my tech may seem too advanced...

Computers: The Computers that Jarvis uses are soul gem powered. A soul is forced to produce results and do calculations for the user, sent via electrical impulses. Difficult? Yes. Cruel? Indeed. That's why Jarvis only made two, one for him and one for his facility. (If you must know, both souls were of previous assistants who betrayed him.) It's basic, it can do some things, but not many. It mainly activates functions that would otherwise be managed by complex mechanical systems and levers.

Data Drive: Super transmutation thing here. It uses a Soul Gem unconventionally, as a blank template. It essentially 'Writes' a soul inside the gem, modifying it to store data which can be transmuted out later. A bit like a message in a bottle. Once decoded, the gem is destroyed and must be replaced. The only difference between models is the case strength, basically how durable it is.

Energy Barrier: Uses a transmutation gyro circle, automated, to produce an energy field of desired shape based on the spin and rotation of the gyros. Gyros are electric powered, basic motor; The field itself is fueled by condensers.

Metallic web and Automated Response: Jarvis usually gives his equipment a constant supply of energy from his energy mastery. He fuels these functions near constantly. If the energy supply stops unexpectedly, the drop in energy triggers a sort of fuse that keeps the response system deactivated, and it either leeches energy from the local area via a miniature condenser or takes it from a locally mounted Soul Gem. This energy is channeled to a small transmutation circle gyro, which instantly thickens the metallic web to form a temporary protective barrier. Some of the energy is channeled to Jarvis directly as well, in order to bring him out of unconsciousness.

Laser Cannon: Really a 'pure energy' cannon, it converts a lot of locally stored matter directly into energy. Via a transmutation gyro thingy. (Transmutation gyro's are really Jarvis' specialty. They automate things for him and allow for degrees of precision.) Does use a condenser for power, unfortunately, so it is slow to activate.

Energy Sword: Part energy transmutation and part of Jarvis' energy mastery, it's highly concentrated energy transmuted from heavy metals mounted on Jarvis' arm, which holds an immense amount of energy through sheer mass.

Mini-Star: Accidental conversion of matter to a concentrated energy ball. This is a plot point- He's destroying things because he's accidentally converting matter from around to energy for the energy ball.

Metallic Field: Basically magnetic fields. Jarvis manipulates them (Barely) by feeding energy into a transmutation gyro, which has been focused and refined into a specific energy type. Energy changing.

Most of the things Jarvis is able to do is realized through careful manipulation and precise implementation of transmutation and control. I realize the facility may be a bit too advanced. If you say so, I can remove things, and make the facility more like the Dwemer than contemporary sci-fi stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Equivalent Exchange   Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:06 pm

Jarvis didn’t have any job offerings for her but Rose decided it was probably for the best. With an injury like this she wasn’t sure if she could go on a combat intensive mission or even a simple assassination. It was a few hours after the battle and she had fixed up the airship and refueled it. She gazed at the sign above the door that said “Sunstar Bar currently closed”. To her it looked like another few days of mostly boring and repetitive bar tending.

She started up the engines and looked for the all clear to take off. She saw someone give a thumbs up and hit the elevator control. The engine had been fixed up and the ship was in full working order. She was in no rush and the sun was going down so Rose thought it would be a splendid idea to sit at the coast and watch the sunset.

Her ship hit the coast over the sandy beaches, her eyes caught sight of a few things as the Sunstar glided over the washing waves. A crater with some tracks leading to and from it, a body, which she assumed had washed up there and a little further along two people conversing. Rose thought she saw one of them wave at the ship but decided if they were smart enough would follow her along to the harbor.

After a little more flying Fire Rose positioned the ship so that her room’s window was facing the ocean. She watched it’s slow falling over the blue cliff as it reached a sparkling arm over the water trying to hold on to that side of the planet. She gazed off into the fleeting day, sitting and thinking.
When the sun had gone completely she decided to go to the harbor, she wasn’t really in the mood to open up the bar but she didn’t have anything better to do. As she arrived at her dock Rose changed the sign to open and sat at the bar as people filtered in.
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Equivalent Exchange
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