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 Grounded: Icefields

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Hierarch Fenway

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PostSubject: Re: Grounded: Icefields   Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:16 pm

I fixed the owl thing- Instead, the Owl was using some powered armor to hold up the rifle, and attached it to the armor instead.


Parable was conscious throughout the last half of the flight to the Owl's outpost, though he dared not to show it.

He was in no condition to fight, and though he was stable, the two owls in the room would decimate him should he try to escape. So he had to go for a different solution.

He-and his MOXUS system- were being heavily monitored. Any significant electrical impulses wound alert the Owls, so he had to keep brain activity- and electronic activity- to a minimum.

He was trained for this. As a Librarian, the single most energy-consuming bodily function is brain activity. All Librarians were trained to be able to shut down sections of the brain and limit their mental capacities for certain situations. Well, at least those going through military training, that is. He would still retain enough intelligence to function- around that of a human. As he did this, he also dialed back the MOXUS.

After half an hour, he was able to pry into the gunship's systems. The Owls had apparently installed a wireless network on it, allowing easy access. Through the system, Parable began a small DOS attack against key monitoring systems, giving the impression that these systems were failing.

Not long after, several alarms went off in the cockpit. The gunship rumbled as it began reversing direction, and the two owls in the room immediately jumped up and went into the cockpit. The gunship was descending, making an emergency landing. Just as planned. He made sure the communicator was offline and nonfunctional. Once this was done, he resumed normal brain capacity. He jumped up and sealed the room, using the emergency systems, and then began planning his next move. The owls wouldn't notice until they had landed, and by then Parable should be gone.

He wasn't in best condition. He was still weak- he needed the gunship, or else he wouldn't survive. In addition, his MOXUS was still heavily damaged. Though the armor functioned, the core weapons system and other systems failed to function. The automated repair hadn't gotten to those yet, as it deemed the more-complex sensor and hacking module more important.

He began searching the cargo bay for weapons as the gunship descended.
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Commander Error

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PostSubject: Re: Grounded: Icefields   Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:52 am

OOC: If you like, Fen, I have an idea for you. Check PMs ASAP, please.
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Grounded: Icefields
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