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 The Gamma Incident

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Hierarch Fenway
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PostSubject: Re: The Gamma Incident   Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:37 pm


Kaiden was hunched over Tony, trying to revive him. He had lost a lot of blood, and if it wasn't for the blood transfusions, he'd be gone already. He'd already removed all the glass and metal, and just as he was recovering, his heart stopped.

They needed all the help they could get. Kaiden charged up the defibrillator, which wasn't his first choice, but everything else was inaccessible or useless. So he used this. "Clear!" he said, as according to protocol, and he pressed them to Tony's chest. He lurched, but his heart remained still. Kaiden cursed under his breath and charged it again. "Clear!" This time, Tony started coughing, first some blood, but it cleared up. Kaiden breathed out and felt his pulse. Weak... but there. He was alive. Tony tried to stand up, but Kaiden stopped him. "You're in no condition to walk, friend."

"And where is this?" he asked, looking around. "Doesn't look like a medical bay."

"It's not, but we had no choice. We almost lost you." Tony looked around at the crowd around him.

"Then you saved my life, and I owe you."

"We're all in debt of each other here." Kaiden stood up. "Jake, how's the perimeter?"

"Clear for now," he replied. "I've got the sensor net completely wired to my tablet."

"The whole thing?"

"Pretty much, save some small areas."

"Where'd the power come from?"

"Recycling line. We won't be needing that." Michael stood up at this.

"How much is left?" Michael said.

"A fair bit," Jake replied. "Why?"

"Reroute some to the transport system so we can get it fully powered." Jake tapped a few things on his data pad.

"Done and done."

Kaiden and Michael now in- Main Security- Security Station
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The Gamma Incident
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