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 Little experience sharing

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PostSubject: Little experience sharing   Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:16 pm

So basically as you probably didn't notice I wasn't here pretty much all day (you noticed it's side effect - no next chapter to my story yet). I was on a trip in the Golan highlands where our army basically showed us her toys. On the "boring" side of the day we were shown an infantry firefight training where troops from the Golani infantry
regiment. They simulated how Golani troops took over the Syrian trenches on the Golan highlands back in 1967 (actually in the same location we were). You are told different tales about that battle. For example when they planned to breach the barbed wire the explosives didn't work so one guy jumped on it allowing his troops to pass through, or a guy who covered the soldiers with a halftrack’s HMG and was burnt alive when it was hit, different stories to make you sleep well at night Razz. We also met a retired general who got the status of Hero of Israel for destroying 100 Syrian tanks during Yom-Kippur War and repelling the Syrian forces almost alone. Also a story to sleep well at night ...

On the spectacular side of the day we saw a small training of diferent forces (mostly armored corps), here's a video of it I found in youtube by some random guys, actually in RL the noise from the tanks was terrible .

What you basically see is 3 artillery batteries shooting at targets on the field (Too bad the guy filming was in a bad position and couldn't see the explosions), then 4 Merkava tanks moving in (I think it was 4) with 2 APCs following. The soldiers in the APCs get out, plant a bomb, blow up the crap outta the enemy defences and pretty much that’s it Razz.

Also in between we could visit a display of different forces in the IDF and could sign up there (The point is that in less than a year we will all be enlisted in the IDF too , mandatory service)
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PostSubject: Re: Little experience sharing   Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:33 pm

I am going to join the IDF and you cannot stop me!
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Little experience sharing
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